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Record low ratings proved the lack of viewership of this years nominee pool.

Producer Steven Soderbergh might be talented, but not talented enough to make 10 million Americans simultaneously turn on their televisions to watch the 93rd Academy Awards. …

Art is subjective and so are the winners of Hollywood’s most contested prize; Best Picture. Here’s a recap of the last half decade of Oscars history.

5. Green Book (2019)

One glance at Green Book’s aesthetic, cast, subject matter and rollout will tell you it was bound to be nominated for Best Picture…

So the 93rd Academy Awards happened…no host, music, comedy or honorary awards left the night feeling mildly soggy. Here’s what I’m still thinking about.

Steven Doderbergh, the producer of this years Oscars, is prone to creative decisions. I skeptically went into this show hoping for the best. And as with…

More Koreans take Hollywood by storm, and I’m absolutely here for it. A24 proves yet again that they are the mighty force of quiet masterpieces, and Minari could be the one to take home this year’s top awards.

Steven Yeun and Noel Cho in “Minari.” Credit: A24

If you think Minari is just a cute little farm movie (as…

If you think there is a unanimous critic uproar in favor of Riz Ahmed’s Oscar-nominated performance, then you are right. Thankfully, the critics are onto something here.

Riz Ahmed in “Sound of Metal.” Credit: Amazon Studios

If you’re late to the show, here’s what you need to know.

Sound of Metal details the journey of Ruben, a musician plagued…

Nomadland, which can just as easily be referred to as FrancesMcdormandLand, has been slated as a top award pick for months (including Best Picture). But what do I think?

If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s what you need to know.

Nomadland follows Fern (Frances McDormand) who is put out…

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